Lockdown Lady 2

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h: 16 w: 8 d: 6 (cms).

By June 2020 I was desperate for some colour and some optimism! I made six very small Lockdown Ladies, again using the stoneware paperclay that I love. I used a white slip on the surface so that the underglaze colours would look as resonant as possible. This very small figure, with her confident stance, her spontaneous pattterns and her gorgeous colours, embodies the joy of the natural world and hope that at some point things will get better. Finding the joy in small things.


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Selector's Comment:

“The second piece I would like to commend is ‘Lockdown Lady 2’ for its sheer warmth and exuberance in the face of this pandemic. The ceramic piece has real joy in its making and an openness and pleasure in its handling of colour. the lightness of touch and sense of immediacy and life is palpable in the surface of its work. This spark of light and colour is something we all need to keep us going and this small work shone like a beacon of hope amongst all the submissions. Many Congratulations to Eilean Eland. ”

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