Objects listening II 2020

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Ceramic, wood, tubular steel

h: 100 w: 50 d: 50 (cms).

Ceramic vessels imagined as mediators of sound and information.  Poised as apparatuses of quantum listening, they tune into more than one reality simultaneously, in a bid to capture micro-sensations occurring in the space between humans and objects.

Inspired by a period of pulsatile tinnitus, the sensation of a rhythmical noise at the same rate as the heart, this series of three* ceramic sculptural works alludes to the visceral perception of our own, often inaudible internal soundscape. Developed during lock down, this work reflects on our perception of space and place within the context of constrained movements and more interaction with domestic objects.

In addition to the relation of the self to the shared space and our surroundings, this work also alludes to the power and politics of listening. Think of listening in terms of processes of self-creation, territorial sound-making, scientific forms of listening and listening as part of surveillance and control.

360 degree view of Objects listening II, 2020: https://vimeo.com/438034155

*Objects listening III, 2020 is still in development, with no access to a kiln in lock down the work has been on hold until studios reopened 


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