Lockdown Knickerbocker Glory

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Oil painting on gesso board

h: 36 w: 28 d: 3 (cms).

Lockdown Knickerbocker Glory was inspired by the rainbow pictures I saw in house windows on my walks which gave thanks for the NHS. It also reminds me of the seaside cafes of my childhood and the ‘over the top’ puddings so beloved by this nation. I have to say that the finished result wasn’t edible and the layers of different coloured jellies owed more to a watercolour palette than exotic flavours. The first attempt at rainbow jelly layers wouldn’t have convinced Noah it was okay to send the dove. However it was fun to paint. The sky is a nod to the surrealism of Magritte as there have been times in the past few months that have been more than surreal.

£380 (Unframed)

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