Open Heart Surgery

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Ink, pastel and watercolour OnTwo Rivers handmade paper

h: 75 w: 55 (cms).

In February I took my partner to Derriford Hospital for a heart valve replacement. During his operation, in the morning, my daughter became unwell and was sent home from school to my friends. In the evening in ICU post op he asked for some herbal tea and whilst trying to find the M&S in Plymouth centre a stag appeared out of the darkness and crossed the road behind me.

On leaving him that evening I felt my daughter needed me and decided to drive home. I arrived in the early hours to find my daughter waiting for an ambulance at Penzance cottage hospital with possible appendicitis. 2 hours later it hadn't arrived and the Doctor suggested I needed to take her myself. I drove to Truro Hospital, not knowing the way, the A30 was closed, my phone running out and I got caught on a speed camera. She was kept in under obs so I stayed  at the hospital. She had her appendix removed a few days later, was discharged and we came home. My partner was given a taxi home by the hospital as they needed the bed. Her appendix was healthy. Life has never returned to normal since. 


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