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Unframed Acrylic on cotton rag painting on cotton rag paper, screen monotype

h: 35 w: 77 (cms).

 Imaginary landscapes are recalled through the sieve of memory rather than through directly observational or reproductive strategies. Most forms are suggested rather than dictated. The work is built up in many layers with transparent and opaque paint, scratching through the wet surface, removing and adding as the image emerges.

This is an ‘Emotional Landscape’, more to do with how it feels to be in an environment rather than the topographical details.

A sense of hope is vital in my work, which frequently references a journey either physical or metaphorical. 

Based at Spike Print Studio Bristol since completing a Masters in Multidisciplinary Printmaking, I am the recipient of several National Awards, a member of Somerset Printmakers, Bath Society Of Artists and the Royal West of England Academy Artists Network. Widely shown across the UK and London including the Mall Galleries, Bankside and selected for the RA.


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